We are excited to announce this year’s winners of the Enza and Paola Quargnali Memorial Scholarship!

JoRene Beyers – Poetry

Workshop: Melissa Young and Emily Ransdell – The Art of Discovery

Comments from the Committee: “[…] her love of  the natural world is woven with her writing practice and poetry. Her education, publishing and interest in history and community convey a kind of care and dedication that seems so well suited and uplifting for the La Romita community.  We’re confident that her experiences at La Romita  will enrich her art and writing practice in the future.  “

Yvonne Manipon – Visual Arts

attending a special independent study group

Comments from the Committee: Yvonne is […] an exceptional high school teacher who is also a skilled painter. Her wish to incorporate printmaking into what she does as both an artist and a teacher was compelling. We feel her time at La Romita will provide rich experiences that she can incorporate into her teaching and her individual art practice.

Leslie Voiers – Visual Arts

Workshop: Carol Ivey – Inner and Outer Views

Comments from the Committee:  Leslie’s creative and innovative resume and application impressed us as an excellent candidate for the scholarship.  Her education includes an MFA, and she is an experienced art educator. She is interested in further exploring her work as a textile designer with painting and color study. Her work showed expertise in both. Her adventurous spirit and wide experience should be a good fit for the immersion into life and art-making in Italy at La Romita.

La Romita congratulates these three stellar artists on their prize, and look forward to welcoming them this summer!

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