La Romita has been lucky enough to have some truly remarkable people involve themselves with the mission. One person who created an indelible mark on our school is Adabelle Hill, who joined us almost at the beginning and shortly became a fixture, lending her considerable talents to the school in its formative years and helping it become what it is now.

So it is with great sorrow that we learned of her passing on August 20th, 2011.

Enza Quargnali posted the following:

Adabelle has been a great friend to me and my family since she started her LR adventure in 1967. She came as a participant/ student with the group of Prof. Arthur Adair from Rockford College in our second year of operation. This diminutive, multi-talented, organized, and always neat woman was taken by the mysterious allure of the place and promptly put her visual and writing skills to the making of La Romita School. Adabelle, my sister Paola and I became partners in the shaping of the future of La Romita School.

Adabelle took thousand of photos of the many unique Umbrian towns and villages visited and painted by our groups during the school program, most of them far off the tourist path. Adabelle then created and narrated attractive and informative slides shows interspersed with beautiful and appropriate music. The shows are still used today to introduce the participants to their field trips. Adabelle was also a talented watercolor painter and filled many sketchbooks with beautiful images of the Umbrian countryside and various La Romita corners.

My husband Ben and I will miss Adabelle very much. Although she had not come to La Romita for several years, the feeling that she was still participating in thought to the life and activities of the school made us feel like she was still present and active. One could find reminders of her contribution around the ancient building. She was an inspiration for all the people involved with the school and I hope that her gentle spirit will dwell forever within these ancient walls.

Enza Quargnali

Grazie, Adabelle, per tutto che ci hai datto. Ti mancaremo.

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