Like most artists, I am a bit of a romantic and a dreamer. Maybe these qualities are what make people who create art so amazing. Artists want to believe more, experience more, and live more. Italy is the perfect place for this. Its architecture going back to before Roman times, a people who have lived and developed a culture and life of creating beauty and sharing.

The hillsides, the views, the food, and the people all move me deeply. Equally motivating are my students and fellow artists. Every workshop I teach, I fall in love with my fellow artists. They are such an inspiring group to be a part of.  I feel this immediate attachment for each kindred spirit that wants to enjoy life with me and grow from the deep riches of art and painting. Each workshop I teach I hate to say good-bye on the last day. So many students become life-long friends. This was so unexpected. I think it must be one of God’s gifts to me.

At my workshops, many participants are surprised at how much they can learn and grow. They are in awe that I am willing to share my secrets of painting. I hear them say, “I can do this.” We work hard together to uncover the truths of painting, and no matter what I give, I always get back so much more from my students than I could ever imagine.

I enjoy teaching in a way that people can learn. Art and painting frustrated me as a boy: people that discussed art in lofty manners confused me. I wanted to give painters what I would have enjoyed hearing and learning as a young painter. I want to infuse them with my enthusiasm as well as my knowledge. I require just one thing. They must be ready to learn new things and come with an open mind.

Life is about the journey and our experiences. Friends, new acquaintances, some good paintings, wine and wholesome food will help satisfy our passions. I hope to see you at my workshop at La Romita School of Art, in beautiful central Italy. We will be Painting Historic Italian Villages, Shops and Hillsides, October 9 -23, 2014.

This article first appeared in the March 2014 edition of our e-newsletter, Notes from La Romita. For more information about Daryl Urig, visit his website at

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