I had the extreme fortune to make it to La Romita before the start of the 2011 season – I say “fortune” because there’s something magical about seeing our amazing staff get everything ready for opening day.

Flowers come out, windows are thrown open, the beds are made, and in general La Romita puts on her best dress and prepares to welcome new guests and old friends alike.

This year there was an added twist to the usual preparations – it seems that a colony of honey bees decided that the perfect place to establish their hive would be between the shutters and glass of one of the second-floor windows!  Had it been a nest of hornets or some true pest, the solution would have been fairly straightforward. However, we’re conscious of the global epidemic of hive collapse that’s endangering these incredibly important pollenators and destroying the hive out of hand was something we wanted to avoid.

Fortunately,  it was not difficult to solve the problem in an eco-friendly fashion.  A call to the local fire department gave us the name of a local beekeeper, who came up to  La Romita and was able to successfully migrate the bees to his honey farm.

He was a font of enthusiasm and information, the perfect advocate for the amazing little creatures. I was lucky  enough to have a camera that could shoot decent video and was able to capture some (I hope) interesting footage of the experience, which I edited into the video below.

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