The 2012 season is looking great at La Romita.  Lots of folks are signing up for our dizzying array of art workshops led by an amazing group of teachers.  Shortly I will be making a series of presentations about La Romita and the art of Umbria in three states in addition to my home state of California. I will be in Austin with Sharon Zuegin at Katherine Brimberry’s Flatbed Press the weekend of the 17th of February, then in San Antonio, Kerrville and the Texas hill country with instructor Thom Ricks the following Monday and Tuesday (20-21 February).  Then I’ll be up in Utah with Marian Dunn February 22 and 23.  My final stop will be in Portland and Eugene Oregon with University of Oregon professor emeritus Ken O’Connell and artist / architect Benno Philippson form the 24th to the 27th.

Please contact me (or any of these instructors) for the details. Contact me via email at, or call me toll-free at 855-476-6482. If you are nearby, we’d love to see you, whether you are planning to attend one of the workshops or not.

My talk and slide presentation will be about the La Romita experience and about ways of looking at the art of Umbria. Being on the ancient roads connecting Rome to points north, Umbria was a hotbed of the arts in the early renaissance. Though known for its religious themes, Umbria was also one of the centers of a humanistic flowering, and the art that decorates the churches and civic buildings can be read and experienced in many different ways.  Thanks to the durability of the common medium…true fresco…the use of color and design still inspire awe today.

– Edmund

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