It is with great sadness that we tell of the parting of one of La Romita’s great friends and supporters, Lisa Guthrie. Lisa was a great artist and teach, and an accomplished landscape architect.

She came to La Romita many times over the last decades…as a teacher as well as a participant. In her most recent trip to La Romita, she offered her skills as both artist and architect, taking her group to the most beautiful villas and gardens of Rome and central Italy. It is a wonderful way to remember her, sharing her passion for the beauty of Italy, and the importance of art. She contributed her works to our Palates and Palettes cookbook, was a frequent member of our Zoom Aperitivos during the Pandemic, participated in our fundraisers, and in general always spread the word about La Romita through the art communities of the Bay Area.

We were blessed to have maintain this long friendship with her and will miss her terribly!

Below is a small gallery of her work: paintings of various places that you might recognize from your own travels, as well as some small works she left in our Memory Books, and the paintings she submitted for our cookbook. There’s also a lovely interview she did with us in 2011. We hope you’ll take a minute to enjoy them, and reflect on her passing.


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