Elizabeth Agans: The Rhythm of Things

  The Rhythm of Things   The cypress trees in Italy are slow metronomes keeping time with the wind—reaching for the hand of a new lover, always retreating back to proper posture. Backward steps. Repeat.   Two weeks—travelers tattooed by different guns, with the same ink. The decay of life—inverted. Here, flesh comes after bone. The olive trees have started to blossom.   The mulberry tree,...

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Elizabeth Agans: New Perfume

  New Perfume   I can feel the pinch of the stiletto patent leather black shining, bouncing the light from streetlamps into shapes— each step melting. Sultry. Cigarette smoke sexy, nobody minds the plume. The tapping of heels on dark, squared sidewalks— Rome at midnight. It feels like rolling a peppermint on my tongue, the soothing of sandpaper. Cool now—painted lips closed, body heat...

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Scholarship Recipient: Elizabeth Agans ’18

Elizabeth Agans - 2018 General Scholarship Winner   Elizabeth Agans was the recipient of a General Scholarship in 2018. After her workshop, she sent us the following. We are moved by the story not only of how she was able to join us a second time, but how her experiences with us seem to have shaped and helped her. We hope you are too. In her words:   I grew up (mostly) in Phoenix, and...

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Notes from Edmund: BSU 2019

Notes from Edmund: Ball State University 2019   La Romita has had a collaboration with the Fine Arts department of Ball State University in Indiana for decades. As part of a credit program in painting and art history, the college students visit Venice, Ravenna, Florence, Siena, and Rome. They then spend two weeks at La Romita to visit the central Italian wonders and to take advantage of our...

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Notes from Edmund: Ming Franz 2019

Notes from Edmund: Ming Franz' 2019 Workshop   On May first La Romita kicked off the season with a group of painters led by Ming Franz. Ming is an expert and experimenter in the field of “splash painting”. The foundation of this method of painting can be found in principles originating in the Tan Dynasty of China with a technique known as Po Mo. Po Mo is a traditional approach to Chinese...

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Notes from Edmund: The Freed Angel

La Romita has kicked off its 2018 season with a poetry retreat led by Kim Addonizio. Kim, the author of six poetry collections, two novels and two collections of short fiction, has received numerous awards for her work, including fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, a Pushcart Prize, and the John Ciardi Lifetime Achievement Award. Her poetry is...

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Notes from Edmund: A Sweet Start to 2018

  This year the act of preparing La Romita for the season after a cold, wet winter was smoother than usual. The buildings are nearly 500 years old and post-winter maintenance can be daunting. Before last season began the water pipes connected to our roof-top solar water-heating panels burst in a deep freeze. Unusual seepages and ghost-like power failures are to be expected as we dust off...

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Resident: Carlo Matos

This past summer (2016) La Romita piloted its first ever Residency with the willing cooperation of Carlo Matos, writer & poet. Carlo spent a productive week camped out on the veranda overlooking the pass to Spoleto and allowed us to interview him about the experience. You have been to many residencies, what did you like most about your overall experience at La Romita? The grounds...

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Daryl Urig – Read his Article in Leisure Painter!

Award-winning artist Daryl Urig’s article “How to Paint with a Knife- A Beginner’s Guide“  was recently published in Painter’s Online, the website for Leisure Painter and The Artist magazines.  This step-by-step guide to applying oil paint to canvas and manipulating it with a knife includes many pictures and practical tips – for example, Daryl doesn’t just show you how to do this, he explains...

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Italy is an idea, an image, a lifestyle.  Italy is art and Italy is architecture…innovations and experiments.  It has also been defined by conflict and by plague.  Italy is a sum of its past and its present, of its conquests and its defeats…of dreams that span millennia.  People are drawn to Italy for its monuments, for the achievements of human endeavor. But what strikes me year...

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Magical May- Corsa all’Anello

If you've been to La Romita before, then you've visited Narni. Narni is the medieval town that's down the La Romita hill, just past the south-west edge of Terni, nestled in the slopes of hills that run northwest to southeast and southeast along Umbria's border with Lazio.  One of the most memorable images of Narni is "La Rocca", the restored castle visible above the town. Over this past weekend,...

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La Romita Friends, Old and New – by Edmund

Each winter I try and keep in touch with our teachers and friends throughout the states and it is one of the most gratifying tasks. This year I drove from my home in northern California to Oregon, home to Ken O’Connell at the University of Oregon in Eugene and then to Portland where I made a presentation on La Romita School at University of Oregon's s new center in the historic White Stag...

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Artists are Amazing – by Daryl Urig

Like most artists, I am a bit of a romantic and a dreamer. Maybe these qualities are what make people who create art so amazing. Artists want to believe more, experience more, and live more. Italy is the perfect place for this. Its architecture going back to before Roman times, a people who have lived and developed a culture and life of creating beauty and sharing. The hillsides, the views, the...

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Cultivating Mindfulness – by Sharon Zeugin

Drawing and painting gives us an opportunity to participate in our surroundings in a personal a deeply felt way.  When we stop to make art, we begin to see what is before us as if for the first time. The cracks and crevices of a stone wall become lines  to be explored, its variegated palette of grey, purple, brown and ochre an invitation to experiment with mixing  a range of neutral colors. ...

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Catching Song – by Laurie Doctor

I was recently listening to an interview with the musician, Bobby McFerrin where he describes improvisation as movement, as catching song. What does it mean to catch a song? It implies that the song, our creation, is already here– and so part of our work as artists is to listen, to observe, and improvise from our experience. At La Romita, we will develop these skills through drawing, writing and...

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Teaching and Painting at La Romita – by Fritz Kapraun

In June 2013, I taught an impromptu 10-day watercolor painting workshop instead of the more traditional 14 day format most often offered at La Romita School. The international group included a professional artist from Canada as well as beginner-to-advanced painters and non-artists from several states. Two of these artists had been to La Romita with us multiple times in the past. This was my 6th...

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2014: A Season of Superlatives

I guess I use a lot of superlatives when talking about La Romita, but there are so many amazing people involved in each season, I really hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging. The line-up of instructors this year reads like a Who’s Who of professors and workshop leaders. Starting with Ken O’Connell (5 - 19 September), Professor Emeritus and long-time head of the art department at the...

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Travel and Art – by Carol Cooper

Travel is a chance to vacate one’s current life temporarily in exchange for some new routine.  We align ourselves with the loveliness and simplicity of living with less and the freedom that brings.  Travel to a beautiful place with the intent to paint adds a whole new level of awareness to the experience.  When we paint, draw, or create in some way while on a trip, we opt for a deeper experience...

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La Romita’s Table – Chocolate Breakfast Cake

Moretto (Moretto means "brown"), or Chocolate Breakfast Cake, is a participant favorite. It's already low in fat, and you can also substitute canola, safflower or sunflower seed oil for the butter. Moretto has a surprisingly rich chocolate flavor , is very easy to make and is also delicious as an afternoon snack: try it with a smear of Nutella or raspberry jam! Ingredients: 1 1/2 scant cups...

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A Summer of Sadness and Beauty

As many of you are aware Enza Quargnali, founder of La Romita School, has been absent from La Romita this year in body, while fighting a battle with an illness that she calls the beast.  But she is winning this battle and her spirit has been present every day in this beautiful old monastery that is, perhaps most of all, a monument to her determination and her love of art.  She is in the prayers...

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