Cari amici,

Ben and I went to Denver on January 27 for a LR reunion, which took place at the beautiful home of Marcy and Bill Crowl. Marcy and Bill were participants with Arlene Krogstad teaching in 2009. (Arlene will be teaching Session 7 this year on Aug 17th) They are very interesting people with interesting careers. Marcy has a degree in Fine Arts and before her recent retirement worked as a designer for a geological research organization and is now devoting full time to painting. Bill is still a geologist doing assignments around the world prospecting for copper and Arlene and the Crowls were the most gracious and generous hosts.

The reunion was great. Arlene Krogstad drove up from southern New Mexico where she spends the winter months. About thirty past participants brought a large number of photos ,sketch books and paintings done during their time of La Romita adventure and shared the beautiful memories with the potential new participants who were getting more enthusiastic in anticipation of their personal experiencing at LR. Also there were slide and video presentations of past sessions. It was indeed a beautiful party.

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