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April Bosshard

As a writer and story coach with more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of filmmaking, writing, and visual arts, I have developed an intuitive approach to coaching that helps writers, filmmakers, and other artists reach their creative goals.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television from The University of British Columbia, I held various positions on feature films, documentaries and TV shows. Since then, I have written and published novels, short stories, poems, and articles for traditional and independent markets.

My love of oil painting has informed my writing in a variety of unexpected ways. Since 2008, I’ve exhibited in multiple group and solo shows and I return to painting as often as I can. For 9 years, I worked with StoryTellings, a business consulting firm that uses story techniques to help companies and organizations to develop meaningful marketing visions.


As La Romita School caters to multiple levels of instruction and various forms of the arts, prices will vary by session, season, instructor, and offerings.

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