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Brandy Noody

Brandy Noody has been an art educator for the Fredonia Central School District, in Fredonia, New York, for 21 years. During her tenure at Fredonia, Brand has had the opportunity to teach at various grade levels: K-2, 6-8, and 9-12. While each grade level holds a special place in her heart,  she feels the most professionally fulfilled teaching at the high school level.

Brandy currently teaches Studio in Art 1 & 2, Ceramics and Painting. Working with older students has allowed her to bring her own artistic expertise in painting and ceramics into her classroom. Sharing her personal artwork and artistic practice with her students is an integral part of her teaching.

In 2018, she was awarded the Delores Levine Memorial Scholarship by La Romita School of Art. This scholarship allowed her to travel to the Umbria region and participate in the “Textures of Italy” workshop, taught by Debra Bonsack. This experience helped her to recall what it’s like to be a student again and reignited her passion for painting. Upon returning from Italy, she designed a series of lessons for her students based on her experiences. In addition, she has been developing a body of work utilizing the techniques she learned in Italy.


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