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Katherine Brimberry

In 1989 Katherine Brimberry co-founded Flatbed Press, a publishing workshop for fine art prints in Austin, Texas. As an artist her primary medium has been intaglio printmaking, and she has exhibited her work widely. Her prints have been collected by private collectors and museums internationally. As Master Printer and director of Flatbed Press she is directly responsible for the artistic and technical development of all Flatbed projects and has collaborated with artists for over three hundred Flatbed projects. Flatbed is well known for their commitment to their artists in helping them created etchings, monotypes, lithographs and relief fine art prints.

Brimberry specializes in intaglio techniques. Her own works uses both copper etching techniques and polymer gravure plates, sometimes known as Solarplates. Dan Welden, who developed the use of this matrix, recognizes her as one of the Solarplate experts. In 2010, she led a group to La Romita to work with Solarplates and water-based, non-toxic inks. Her art practice includes working with large groups on collaborative work


IL SOLE with Katherine Brimberry and Suzi Davidoff

La Romita School of Art Terni

Experimental Printmaking, Drawing and Collage Using the Sun Join Katherine Brimberry and Suzi Davidoff for their fourth Italian Intensive Workshop and explore new and innovative strategies for combining printmaking, drawing, and collage. Solar Plate etching uses prepared, light-sensitive polymer plates, sunlight and water to create images that can be printed using intaglio or relief techniques. […]


THE ITALIAN INTENSIVE V – with Katherine Brimberry and Suzi Davidoff

La Romita School of Art Terni

The Singular Image: Drawing and Monotypes Katherine Brimberry and Suzi Davidoff lead their fifth Italian Intensive Workshop at La Romita!  This year, the group will explore new monotype strategies including stencils, trace drawings and layering.   Katherine and Suzi have been collaborating the past year on new prints and want to share these great techniques and […]

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