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Keiko Tanabe

Mostly self-taught, Keiko Tanabe embarked on a professional art career in 2005.  Since then, her paintings have been in many national and international exhibitions, both juried and invitational, and gained world-wide recognition.  She also had her paintings published and featured in leading art magazines and a number of publications in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  A sought-after workshop instructor since 2011, she has conducted close to 300 workshops around the world.  Her approach to teaching is to help students identify and solve their problems to further advance their technical skills and refine their style.  She has 4 DVDs of her plein air methods published.



La Romita School of Art Terni

This 7-day workshop is designed for artists who would like to strengthen their compositional skills and fill their watercolor paintings with light and atmosphere. Keiko will demonstrate how she interprets and simplifies a scene to capture the essence of the subject, conveying a certain mood and a sense of place. Using complete, step-by-step demonstrations, Keiko […]


As La Romita School caters to multiple levels of instruction and various forms of the arts, prices will vary by session, season, instructor, and offerings.

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