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Richard Alan Nichols

Richard strives to render, in his words, “a visual poem” with each stroke. Whether brushed in oil, a textured charcoal or a splashing stroke of watercolor, his creative spirit will always be the sole guide of his art. From sunflower petals in a still life, the unnoticed details of a bustling city street, or when the Sangre De Cristo’s Mountains beckon with evanescent Plein Aire light. 
His natural artistic ability was given a strong foundation in traditional impressionism which was nurtured during his tenure at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL.
As an internationally recognized artist, his work is highly sought after by many private collectors and is housed in numerous permanent collections. Places such as the American Academy of Art, the Crouch Foundation, the Taos Art Museum, The Town of Taos, and many major colleges of the Midwest proudly display his work.

As La Romita School caters to multiple levels of instruction and various forms of the arts, prices will vary by session, season, instructor, and offerings.

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