La Romita School of Art

Art Workshops in Umbria

Discover the hilltowns of central Italy through painting and sketching workshops

Serenity and Adventure

La Romita is a renovated 16th Century monastery in the hills of Umbria where we offer serenity and adventure to artists of all experience levels.

Serenity – a beautiful space where the day-to-day concerns are handled so you can focus on your art and your teacher’s expert instruction.

Adventure – Intimate streets winding up the hillside, secret gardens with figures carved out of rock, vistas with fields of poppies and sunflowers stretching off into the distance. Grab your sketchbook and paints and explore!

Uninstructed Workshops

Freedom to follow your own process, with daily opportunities to go offsite. Spend the morning in plein-air or wandering picturesque streets, then come back and continue your work in the studio.

Instructed Workshops

Expert instruction by great plein air artists. Learn how to capture what you see while on-site in scenic hill towns, then develop your works back at La Romita. Each teacher has something incredible to offer.

Open to all students of any level.

I think it's so strange I went so far to feel at home. You just feel so at home. You feel safe. You feel comfortable, and the light is beautiful, and I just keep saying, "Everything is beautiful. Everything is beautiful." The architecture and the people and the flowers and the obvious love of their home, and the love of their family is everywhere you look. And it's a beautiful culture and a beautiful country, and beautiful countryside, and it's been bliss.

Jeanne McLeish, Artist

I've been on many tours, and I've actually managed tours myself, and I've never seen anything this well-organized. They have it down to a fine science; their pacing as well as their programming, their humor. The food and the accommodations are fabulous. You feel very safe here, and very welcome. The directors come in every night and have dinner with us, and share, and talk about what our day was like, which I think is fabulous. Our driver tried to anticipate what we wanted. When he heard “oohs and aahs," he stopped the bus. You just can't find that every day. And so, we hate to leave. We love this place.[...]it's been bliss.

Joanne Bennett, Artist

This is a place of renewal. It's just absolutely wonderful. When I left home, I was really exhausted from all of the work I was doing day and night, and this has given me a new lease on life. I feel renewed, energized, ready to go back. And, of course, the experience of being around so many incredible artists, and friends of artists...

Earl Snellenberger, Artist

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