Our Residency Program is now open!

The residency provides artists and writers a perfect retreat-like experience with uninterrupted time to pursue their own independent projects; the La Romita experience tailored for the individual. 


Welcome and Benvenuti! For 50 years, La Romita School of Art has been bringing people to the Umbrian region of Central Italy to participate in its painting, culinary, and art workshops in Italy.

Our art workshops are intimate, unique, and informed by our decades-long experience in the region and in art workshop organization. Whether you are painting or sketching, taking a photograph of a beautiful mountain lake or remote hill-town, drinking espresso in a bar or watching an elderly Italian signora water the geraniums in her window garden, you will leave a La Romita workshop feeling as though you’ve seen the heart and soul of La Bella Italia.

If you are in search of a working art vacation, if you are passionate about Italy, if you want a painting holiday with a difference, then La Romita is waiting for you.

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I’ve been on many tours, and I’ve actually managed tours myself, and I’ve never seen anything this well-organized. They have it down to a fine science; their pacing as well as their programming, their humor. The food and the accommodations are fabulous. You feel very safe here, and very welcome. The directors come in every night and have dinner with us, and share, and talk about what our day was like, which I think is fabulous. Our driver tried to anticipate what we wanted. When he heard “oohs and aahs,” he stopped the bus. You just can’t find that every day. And so, we hate to leave. We love this place.[…]it’s been bliss.

Joanne Bennett

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