Webster’s defines serendipity as a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”.  Obviously accidents can’t be predicted and surprises lose their punch if you know they’re coming, so we can’t really promise serendipity as part of the program at La Romita, but we can try.  We can say with confidence that no one knows this area the way we do…the history of the artists and patrons, the foods and wines, the hidden architectural gems, and the culture that holds it all together.  We are Italian; the family that hosts you at La Romita, (… and created La Romita School fifty years ago), has owned and cared for this place for one hundred and fifty years.  By studying and sharing the local treasures with so many people for such a long time, we have become an integral part of the local culture.  We share the secrets of so many beautiful places, the keys to so many hidden treasures, that we sometimes forget that La Romita itself is one of the important destinations in Umbria.  Last year we were chosen by Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI), the Italian equivalent of the British National Trust, as one of Italy’s hidden treasures.

We know that happy accidents can happen, and that the decisions we all make can put us into situations that make these occurrences more likely, but if you come to La Romita, don’t be too surprised.  We take your decision to study here as a mandate.  We will do everything in our power, use our decades of accumulated knowledge, to help you in your art, and in your life, to experience sublime Italian serendipity.

We are truly excited about the upcoming season at La Romita.  There is still room in many of our classes.  There is plenty of variety this year…from Fritz Kapraun’s ten-day en plein air session (June 9-19) to Charlotte Attebery’s closing workshop in October ( 6-20).  American Watercolor Society gold-medalist Carol Maddox will be here in late August  (16-30) with her husband Ed as the social director—always an amazing experience.  Barry Thomas (22 June- 6 July) never fails to draw a crowd as he sets up in the piazzas with his two-foot long medieval brushes and his ten gallon hat. Katherine Brimberry (July 9-23)  is one of the most interesting and cutting edge printmakers working today.  Eleanor Cox (Sept 2-16), one of the most popular teachers working today, offers a workshop in early September (2-16), and award-winning artist Mary Jean Weber, a new addition to this year’s line-up, returns to La Romita at the end of September (Sept 19- 3 Oct). Don’t hesitate to call me.  I’ll be in California until the 10th of May and would love to hear from you…for any questions at all or just to say hello.

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