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Those of you who have been to La Romita understand that the experience is much more than day-trips and delicious meals – it changes lives. Many of our scholarship winners have used the experience to make noteworthy contributions to La Romita’s own community and the greater creative community. Scholarships are not just a way to change someone else’s life, but a way to change all of ours.

We are asking you to donate in order to help us bring your sisters and brothers in the arts to La Romita through our Scholarship program.

This season we are hoping to collect $2000 for the Delores Levin Memorial Scholarship fund and $1000 for our General fund, which will allow us to award 2-4 more scholarships for our 2020 season.

Donations to La Romita are fully tax deductible, and you can choose to support either the Dolores Levin Memorial Scholarship or our General Operating & Scholarship Fund.

How to Help

The most important way to support our Scholarship Program is to donate.

We hope you’ll consider giving a $100 donation to help a deserving artist or writer attend La Romita, but even a single $20 donation will help!

Besides a direct donation, you can register La Romita as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile: a portion of any purchase you make through will come directly to us. You can find more information about our Amazon Smile partnership here.

If you can’t afford to donate right now, we’d still appreciate knowing you support what we’re doing: send us an email (you can reply to or post something to Instagram or Facebook with the #supportLRScholarships hashtag!

Show your support with the #supportLRScholarships hashtag!

How We’re Doing

Since the Scholarship Committee was formed in 2016, we’ve received roughly 20 applications and awarded 11 scholarships, averaging $3000/year from the Dolores Levin Memorial Scholarship fund and matched with approximately $1500/year in General Scholarships. In the time between the receipt of Delores Levin’s bequest and the formation of the Scholarship Committee, we have awarded around $12,000, with additional donations to Ball State University and others of around $8000. All said, since 2010 La Romita has disbursed around $33,500 in donations and scholarships to further our mission.

The Delores Levin Fund now stands at a little over half of her original bequest, the result of our cautious husbanding of this precious resource. We would love to award more scholarships and bring more people to La Romita, but to do so we need your help.


Learn More

Check out some of the posts below to find out about some of our past scholarship winners and their stories…

Scholarship Recipient: Cheri Burke ’19

Cheri Burke 2019 Dolores Levin Memorial ScholarshipCheri was awarded a Delores Levin Memorial Scholarship to attend a workshop with Mark Eanes at La Romita. As a public school art teacher (Clymer Central School) in a rural farming community and a mother of two...

La Romita’s Scholarship Committee

An Introduction to La Romita's Scholarship Committee a letter from Joanna Quargnali-Linsley   I remember a gray winter day in Albuquerque, New Mexico sitting with Paola Quargnali. She was telling me about her beloved La Romita. She spoke of lush gardens, and...

Scholarship Recipient: Brandy Noody ’18

Brandy Noody 2018 Dolores Levin Memorial Scholarship Brandy Noody was awarded a Delores Levin Memorial Scholarship in 2018 to attend Debra Bonsack’s workshop. After a great experience, Brandy took her new inspiration and knowledge back to her classroom, and also to...

Scholarship Recipient: Elizabeth Agans ’18

Elizabeth Agans - 2018 General Scholarship Winner   Elizabeth Agans was the recipient of a General Scholarship in 2018. After her workshop, she sent us the following. We are moved by the story not only of how she was able to join us a second time, but how her...

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