A great big Thank You! to everyone who donated to La Romita as part of our 2021 Fundraiser! Your contributions helped pay our key staff and other expenses.

We only reached $7000 of our $10,000 goal – but it was a high goal for us and we were gratified by how many people showed their support.

 Many of you contributed as part of the Memory Books campaign, adding a donation to your submission to add to our Memory Books. We hope you enjoyed participating as much as we enjoyed receiving your work. All of the submissions are available to view in our Memory Books 2021 online gallery




Those of you who donated $100 will receive the special mug we had produced for the occasion by Dino of Fabrica Peccetti in Deruta. It took us a while to get them, as Peccetti is suffering from the same staff shortages that have plagued everyone – but he came through as he always has. The word “Speranza” means “Hope” – and your donation helped make that hope become reality.

And we have a very special thanks for Lisa Guthrie, who donated the prize for the Memory Books campaign. Lisa has been a part of our circle for over 30 years, first attending, then leading , and now helping others to attend workshops at La Romita. We are very lucky to have her as a friend and collaborator. Thank you, Lisa!

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