The Grounds

La Romita School of Art is held at the La Romita Facility, a 16th Century Capuchin Monastery located in the foothills above Terni, in the region of Umbria. The property sits on 3 and a half acres, surrounded by olive groves and stone walls in level coursing. The main structure consists of the Accomodation wing, the Chapel-Studio, and the “Torre”, a set of accomodations located above the former Sacresty. The dining area is set aside from the main building. In addition to the dining area and Studio, a gazebo behind the dining area provides a wonderful outdoor meeting area, where students can socialize, paint, and watch video presentations of the art and history of the region.

Behind the studio, the cloister garden offers a quiet place to contemplate the beautiful flowers and herbs, the fountain and well, and a grand view of the valley below.

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