Three free social* events celebrating creativity, expression, and Italian culture to raise funds for La Romita School

Painters and poets and sketchers and musicians…all of us who work in the arts as teachers or practitioners or promoters or in any of a number of support services…have seen our entire world shuttered for months. For La Romita, the shutdown has been pretty complete and we have had to adapt quickly to our changing reality.

We are striving to pursue our mission even while it’s impossible to bring artists and writers to our beloved property. As an example of this our Tre Aperitivi Fundraiser involves hosting three events to showcase the ways we’re pursuing our mission even under COVID. The three free events will focus on the joy of discovery, the cathartic effects of the creative process, and a celebration of our fifty-five year history encouraging art as the perfect vehicle for cultural exchange.

We’re doing everything possible to sustain our staff (including yours truly) and our facilities for our eventual return to Italy, and at the same time to provide some kind of support to our teachers and participants during these times, to our artists and poets, to you.

We need your support to sustain us through this time, and deeply appreciate whatever you can provide.

As a 501.c.3 non-profit, your donation is tax deductable.



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