Useful Links (COVID)

Regarding Travel to Italy During the Pandemic


The news around the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy is always in flux. Recently, it appears that finally the situation is improving and Italy will soon welcome back tourists that are vaccinated. At La Romita School of Art, we continue to monitor the situation closely and want to share with you some of the expert resources that everyone will want to consult before considering a trip to Italy.


  1. The CDC updates their travel information sporadically. As of May 1, the CDC still does not recommend travel to Italy, but there are good indicators from the EU that over the next several months this may change.
  2. The CDC has information about International travel for vaccinated people.
  3. The Italian Government site (much of it in English, with recent information):
  4. For Italian headline news:
  5. The European Union updates sporadically but contains useful information about the EU Commission’s responses:


You can also read our summary and predictions in our News section: Covid Update – our current view of the situation



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