Position: Social Media

La Romita needs some help with Social Media, specifically someone to handle the front-line and make sure that content gets posted regularly.  We are looking for someone to work with guidelines and calendars to publish relevant content and maintain a posting cadence.

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Position: Fundraising

This position will bring new skills and abilities to the La Romita School of Art (LRSA) leadership team. The overall purpose is to develop and help implement a LRSA fundraising plan to generate a reliable stream of extra-programmatic funds for operation and student support.

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Position: Study Abroad

The overall purpose of this role is to help grow institutional clients for La Romita School of Art (LRSA). These types of clients might include university graduate or undergraduate art programs, extension programs, and continuing education.

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Position: Open Call

La Romita can always use a little extra help. If you have some extra time and would like to lend a hand, please let us know by applying.



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For over 55 years La Romita has been pursuing its mission "to inspire individual creativity and artistic expression through workshops in Italy, cultural exchange, and appreciation of the arts". We feel deeply that what we are doing at La Romita - the ways that it has enriched lives and promoted appreciaition of culture and art - is worth preserving through the toughest times. You can help us to continue to pursue our mission by making a donation this season. A donation to our La Romita Foundation will go to maintaining our staff and property until it's safe to travel once again.

By helping support us through a gift (every little bit counts!) you will be an integral part of our future and the future of all who come through our doors.

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