Legendary Dining

Dining at La Romita is legendary. Our local chefs prepare Umbrian delicacies, true “Slow Food” from the most local ingredients.  It’s country cooking at its best.  Both lunch and dinner offer multiple choices in the Italian style: fresh pastas, meats and cheeses and seafood, home grown vegetables and salads.  Desserts are fresh fruits and traditional sweets.  The extra-virgin olive oil we serve at La Romita comes from our trees, many planted by the friars hundreds of years ago.

Our wine is made from vines growing about four miles from here to strict Italian biological standards of organic purity. The red wines are Canaiolo (planted since Roman times) mixed with the delicious Sangiovese.  The whites are from the crisp, full-bodied local Grechetto.

Breakfast is served continental style, featuring eggs and cheeses, fruit and jams, breads and cereals, juice, milk, and rich Italian coffee.  People are always surprised by a maxim of the La Romita diet: that generous portions of healthy food do not cause weight-gain.  Buon Apetito!


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