The Studio

One of the great fortunes of La Romita is to have such a lovely space to use as a studio. What was once the monastery’s chapel is now used as the primary painting and study area, with with plenty of space for each student to work. It is a serene room, with abundant daylight streaming from a large window overlooking the cloister.

At the begining of a workshop students find their spaces and unpack their kits. The walls – like the paper in their easels – blank and promising. As the days progress, the walls slowly fill: a post-card sized sketch here, a landscape there, until the walls form a gallery of the total experience.

Dated frescos adorn the front of the room, and La Romita has retained several large epochal paintings that remain featured on the walls above the workspace.

The “sacristy” – a smaller room separated from the main studio by the altar – serves as a lounge.

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